Letting Go: Wisdom from a Falling Leaf

leaves falling

Background: Sitting in my cabin out in the country this weekend, I’ve been watching the leaves change colors and fall off the trees. It’s amazing how they just let go and drift to the ground without any fuss. It got me thinking about how we, as people, often struggle with changes in our lives, like starting a new job or moving to a new place. We hold on tight to what we know instead of just letting things happen.

What if we could be more like these leaves? Just imagine if we could go with the flow a bit more when life starts to change. In my latest blog post, I’m sharing a poem that talks about this—the idea of letting go and not being afraid of what’s coming next. I hope it speaks to you and maybe makes it a little easier to face the next big change in your life. We’re all in this together, learning to ride the waves of change and find our happy place, just like the leaves find theirs on the ground every fall.

Letting Go: Wisdom from a Falling Leaf

In autumn’s quiet dance, leaves twirl to the ground,

No fuss, no fight, they simply come around.

They shift from green to hues of gold and red,

Embracing change, no dread, they forge ahead.

We humans fret and quail at life’s new dawn,

A job, a move, a change we chew upon.

We cling to past as if it holds our worth,

Afraid to trust the rhythms of the earth.

Yet change, like seasons, graces all our days,

It molds us, shapes us, and guides us in new ways.

So let’s unclench our fists, unfurl our grip,

And on life’s ever-changing tide, just slip.

Flow like the stream that winds through the land,

Accept every twist, dealt by life’s hand.

Nature whispers secrets, soft and sure,

With every test, we grow, we endure.

Change is a tune, simple and clear,

A fresh line in our song, year to year.

Sing out, sing strong, with all your heart,

Let the breeze of change sing your part.

For in surrender, peace will find its place,

And we, like autumn leaves, will find our grace.

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