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“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Wayne Dyer

Elaine is dedicated to showcasing the potential of businesses as influential platforms that can spark meaningful social change. With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, she recognizes the importance of cultivating a company culture that mirrors the diversity of the communities it serves, promoting the inclusion and celebration of each employee’s unique voice. As a Latina and member of the LGBTQ+ community, Elaine brings a wealth of firsthand experience to her insightful conversations, addressing the critical need for inclusivity across age, religion, gender, identity, and race in the workplace.

Through her engaging and thought-provoking talks, Elaine emphasizes the necessity of fostering diversity in the technology sector and advocates for the expansion of STEM opportunities for women and underrepresented minorities.

Elaine Montilla

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Whether your company is looking for a speaker for workshops, webinars, keynote talks, private employee engagement sessions, or participation in inclusive panels, Elaine has you covered. Her recent speaking topics include, among others:

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Client Recommendations

Elaine spoke on the topic of The Importance of DE&I in Technology at Technology LIVE and we couldn’t recommend her more. A fantastic speaker with humbling experience who is absolutely captivating. Elaine expertly shares her experience and advice with industry executives and is a must-watch.

Caitlyn Cole

Director of Strategy and Business Planning at BizClik

Elaine Montilla recently delivered a headline keynote at our Digital Innovation Summit.

I can not express enough the passion and charisma which was delivered in Elaine’s keynote, the audience feedback was phenomenal. The session outcome wasn’t the only highlight of working with Elaine, she was everything you would expect from an inspiring leader and more. Without a doubt, I would work with Elaine again and again for speaking engagements, a true visionary.

Josephine Wylie

Summit Director, Keynote Speaker in Meaningful Ways Through Peer to Peer Engagements

Elaine is an awe-inspiring mentor and a charismatic leader from whom I have learned so much.
She is passionate about female representation in the tech industry and giving back by imparting knowledge and confidence to young women like me. She always puts a thousand percent into whatever she does and has inspired me and many others to follow our dreams. Elaine does this work selflessly without expecting anything back and volunteering is like second nature to her.

Elaine is a remarkable woman and I have enjoyed being mentored by her. She has certainly helped me to expand my worldview and pushed me to work on myself.

Mariam Adekola

Frontend Intern - Computer Engineering Student

Elaine is an inspirational leader and speaker. I have had the privilege of having her as a guest on the podcast Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox (in the top 5% of downloaded podcasts globally) and as a panelist for The Diversity Movement’s webinar, Marching Towards Workplace Equity for Women (which garnered over 1000 registrations). Elaine is passionate but approachable, accomplished but warm. She has a unique mix of everything required to inspire, influence and teach. As a speaker, consultant or advisor, I highly recommend Elaine.

Jackie Ferguson

Inclusion Advocate, Certified Diversity Executive, Published Writer, Course Creator

I am grateful to Elaine for guest lecturing for several semesters in my graduate course on Administrative Services taught at the Marxe School of Public and International Affairs at Baruch College/Cuny.

Her career expertise in IT was only part of what she shared with our students. Elaine inspires students, particularly those from underserved communities who need honest and supportive guidance on how to reach their own goals for growth. AVP Montilla is not only a role model, but engages as a welcoming mentor for students who internalize her message of competence and personal strength. Elaine is a wonderful teaching partner.

Ron Spalter

Retired as Deputy Chief Operating Officer, CUNY

Ms. Montilla was the guest speaker for my organization The Writing Project. During the fireside chat, Ms. Montilla distilled information and wisdom gained from her profession, from her academic career, and life to help undergraduate students as they navigate their own academic careers and prepare for their respective professions. Because of her experience as a triple minority, Ms. Montilla provided substantive information and advice that was relatable and thoughtful. Because of her many and varied professional accomplishments, Ms. Montilla provided information and advice that was pertinent and useful. Ms. Montilla is an excellent speaker with the impressive skill of connecting with an audience while providing a welcoming and safe space for dialogue.

Tamara Hollins

Professor of English at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania

Elaine is a model for how hard work, vision, and determination can enable us to achieve professionally and personally give back at the same time. It would have been more than enough if she was just the CIO of a higher education institution of such importance; her layering on top of that a commitment to humanity, diversity, and empathic leadership balanced with accountability is what makes me appreciate and respect her to the utmost degree.

Sarah Knapp

Executive Vice President, Business Development & Strategy at Spruce Technology, Inc.

I had the great pleasure of partnering with Elaine on a Hispanic Heritage Month event. Elaine Montilla is fascinating and an inspiration. She brought her authenticity, compassion, and knowledge to the event!

Jeanine Mioton

Events Programming Manager at Meetup

Elaine is a dedicated technology leader who strives for inclusiveness and diversity in the workplace. A true mentor who is never busy to open her door to those seeking advice.

José Tejada

CISSP, M.S. Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity. IT Security Specialist at City of New York.

Elaine is a rock star. She tells a wonderful story about her life’s journey and has terrific recommendations on how to stay resilient and make dreams come true. She is a passionate speaker, a collaborative partner, a tremendously hard worker, and very generous with her time and mentorship of students who aspire to similar success. She is a proud Baruch alumna, and I am extremely proud of her! Five stars, and two thumbs up!

Janet Rossbach

Director, Alumni Relations and Volunteer Engagement at Baruch College

We had Elaine speak to members of the WiSTEM organization at Illinois Tech.

A lot of Elaine’s experiences were relatable to members of our group and her words really spoke to us. The talk was inspiring, and very real. Her advice was genuine and we really appreciate this.

Alisha Khan

Data Challenge Finalist at Facebook

Elaine is intelligent, engaging, and enormously talented. I’ve been running monthly CIO Roundtables for years in SF Bay, Las Vegas, and Denver. I asked her to join one of our meetings, and she had the 21 attendees fully engaged.

Her depth of experience in IT Leadership is a great resource that I would encourage any of my colleagues to access and learn from.

John Wondolowski

Chief Technology Officer at Solutions II

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