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“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Wayne Dyer

Elaine is passionate about demonstrating how businesses have the power to be influential platforms that can ignite social change! After working in IT for 20+ years, Elaine saw firsthand that by ensuring your company is reflective of the community that it serves, the voices of each employee can be supported and celebrated daily. Because she speaks from a workplace viewpoint based on her firsthand experience being a part of several minority groups, including being Latina and part of the LGBTQ+ community, she delivers thoughtful conversations and talks about how crucial it is for a workplace to be inclusive of age, religion, gender, identity, and race. Through her talks, she highlights the need for diversity in the field of technology and how STEM needs to be expanded for women and underrepresented minorities.

Elaine Montilla

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Elaine's impact goes beyond speaking, and you can follow her work as a contributing member of the Forbes Technology Council.

Whether your company is looking for a speaker for workshops, webinars, keynote talks, private employee engagement sessions, or participation in inclusive panels, Elaine has you covered. Her recent speaking topics include, among others:

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Client Recommendations

I had the great pleasure of partnering with Elaine on a Hispanic Heritage Month event. Elaine Montilla is fascinating and an inspiration. She brought her authenticity, compassion, and knowledge to the event!

Jeanine Mioton

Events Programming Manager at Meetup

Elaine is a dedicated technology leader who strives for inclusiveness and diversity in the workplace. A true mentor who is never busy to open her door to those seeking advice.

José Tejada

CISSP, M.S. Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity. IT Security Specialist at City of New York.

Elaine is a rock star. She tells a wonderful story about her life’s journey and has terrific recommendations on how to stay resilient and make dreams come true. She is a passionate speaker, a collaborative partner, a tremendously hard worker, and very generous with her time and mentorship of students who aspire to similar success. She is a proud Baruch alumna, and I am extremely proud of her! Five stars, and two thumbs up!

Janet Rossbach

Director, Alumni Relations and Volunteer Engagement at Baruch College

We had Elaine speak to members of the WiSTEM organization at Illinois Tech.

A lot of Elaine’s experiences were relatable to members of our group and her words really spoke to us. The talk was inspiring, and very real. Her advice was genuine and we really appreciate this.

Alisha Khan

Data Challenge Finalist at Facebook

Elaine is intelligent, engaging, and enormously talented. I’ve been running monthly CIO Roundtables for years in SF Bay, Las Vegas, and Denver. I asked her to join one of our meetings, and she had the 21 attendees fully engaged.

Her depth of experience in IT Leadership is a great resource that I would encourage any of my colleagues to access and learn from.

John Wondolowski

Chief Technology Officer at Solutions II

Elaine is an engaging and inspiring speaker in diversity. She challenged leaders to grow as our expert guest panellist for the Choose to Challenge Panel Discussion 2021. What really made Elaine stand out is her relatability and ability to connect with her audience. I highly recommend Elaine for speaking engagements if you want to empower your minorities and challenge your leaders to lead better.

Sue Parker MSc

Empowered Leaders in Tech Founder

Elaine is one of the most genuine, passionate, and inspiring people that I have ever met. The ideas from a brief exchange with her will leave a lasting impact—if you have an opportunity to work with her, do not allow it to pass you by!

Dan Reshef

Managing Director of Information Technology at Harlem Children's Zone

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