The Pandemic – A Setback for Women

Image by Gerd Altmann

We want choices!

We need accomplices

We are tired of holding it all together 

Inequality | Evictions | Oppression | Judgement

Is having children the pinnacle of female achievement?!?

Expected now to juggle child care and work

Don’t praise me; pay ME!

How can we keep our economic independence?

One hundred ninety-six thousand jobs lost by women in a month!?!

Out of the workforce overnight

I call this a crisis – public health, existential, and economic

Do we have options?

Should women not care for their children?

School – CLOSED

Daycare – CLOSED

Who will care for their older parents?

That is the consequence

Accumulated historical discrimination

Physical and mental illness disintegrating what is left

We don’t have years to wait

The glass shattered is now cutting our skin

Who can save us now?

Our hearts are growing tired of waiting for miracles

Nobody is coming

Left in despair… Hope?

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