My Best Friend FEAR

Superwoman looking ahead

And just like that

One day I decided to create a new reality

I am tired of hiding and overthinking

From now on….You will be my best friend

And help me uncover my greatest dreams

I am sorry I bullied you once,

I am sorry I didn’t know you were here to protect me

I am sorry I didn’t listen to you

Now I understand that all you wanted was to come out

The same way I did growing up in the closet

You are my friend now

And friendship is a two-way street

It requires love, time, hard work, and honesty

And just like fire, I can learn to use you

Nurture you, and protect you

The same way you come by to protect me

Now I know you want to help me grow

I know you want to push me forward

I know you want me to see my greatness

You are here to keep me safe… at times…from myself!

I am dangerously close to staying the same

And you come to shake me

 and help me get out of my shell

you are showing me that we have so much in common

You want to be seen, included, and accepted,

just like me

You want attention, acknowledgment, and love,

just like me

Today I am here to tell you

You can visit as often as you like

Just keep in mind that  I am the one in charge

I am the one who leads

And I always lead with love

Welcome home FEAR

I can now sit with you,

I now know how to listen to your whispers

I am comfortable enough to let you in

I can now see that you don’t keep me from freedom

You lead me to it

And for that, I am eternally grateful!

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