Empowering Tech Sisters: Inclusive Workspaces for Women of Color


In a world where code weaves the tapestry,

Of visions bright and dreams unseen,

A mission blooms, a call to arms,

For change, for growth, a rising gleam.

A platform rising “5xminority”, strong and bold,

For women of color in tech’s embrace,

Their stories vibrant, talent untold,

Together, we’ll build a fairer space.

In realms where bits and bytes converge,

Where innovation sparks the mind,

A force for good emerges,

Social change, our hearts entwined.

To serve the many, not just the few,

The workplaces we create,

Reflect the colors, the voices true,

Of communities we navigate.

Each employee, their essence shines,

In harmony, we celebrate,

With strength in unity, we bind,

Our hearts and minds, we liberate.

Across the spectrum, we promote,

Inclusion vast, a world so wide,

No age, religion, gender bound,

Identity and race, side by side.

This mission, a beacon in the night,

Guiding us to futures bright,

Inclusive spaces, our birthright,

Together, we rise, a force of light.

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