15 Daily Affirmations You Can Incorporate Today

My 15 Daily Affirmations

The same way exercise raises the level of the so called feel-good hormones that helps us create positive thoughts, daily affirmations are verified methods of self-improvement because of their capability to rewire our brains. They play an integral role in our lives because it helps us break old patterns of negative thinking, speaking, and also acting.


I read the book The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz, and one of the agreements really resonated with me. “Be impeccable with your word”, is the very first agreement and thought me how to carefully choose my words by selecting only those that work towards my benefit and can cultivate my highest good.

By verbally affirming our ambitions, desires, and dreams, we send our energy into the universe and believe it or not, it listens and responds.

These affirmations came from my daily readings, my meditation practice, and my heart.

Here are my top 15 affirmations:

  1. I cultivate patience and self-confidence.
  2. I am always in charge of how I feel.
  3. I make plans but remain flexible.
  4. I try to say yes as often as possible.
  5. I give everywhere I go, even if only a smile, a compliment, or my full attention.
  6. I am becoming a better version of myself, one day at a time.
  7. My high self-esteem allows me to accept compliments easily and also freely compliment others.
  8. I know that happiness is a choice and I base my happiness on my own accomplishments and the blessings I’ve been given.
  9. I am committed to giving love to my body.
  10. I am impeccable with my word and speak only positively.
  11. I treat everyone with kindness and respect.
  12. I inhale confidence and exhale fear.
  13. I love the person I am and I do not need other people’s approval to love myself fully.
  14. I welcome the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone.
  15. I forgive those who have harmed me in my past and peacefully detach from them.

I want you to start celebrating the tiny small wins and know that miracles do happen and it all starts with you.

Much Love!


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