I have always known that my smile is the cheapest gift I can give to anyone during the day…I pair that with my active listening skills and make sure everyone knows that I am there for them and I am actively listening to them and not waiting to get my chance to say something back. I also try to give out compliments as often as I can, because I know how it feels whenever I am on the receiving end. We naturally tend to spend a lot of mental energy focusing on ourselves and being our worst critics at times. The act of giving helps us redirect that energy towards the happiness of others and it inspires observers to behave similarly.

I just finished volunteering for my last school and spent an hour on a panel speaking to incoming students and talking about my experience throughout my Master’s Degree and the benefits of the program. I enjoyed my hour there so much that I asked to be invited again soon. I stayed in the end and loved students who came up to ask more questions in the end. It makes me feel like I am really making a difference in someone else’s life.

The universe responds well to giving when it comes from a wholesome and pure place and a true willingness to give back. A few years ago I came across an application called Happier (no, they didn’t pay me to add this), and it serves as a reminder for me to stop whatever I am doing and say thanks for anything good that happened during the day.  I just really believe in the power of being grateful and sharing it with others. Giving can be done in so many ways, be alert and try to find small acts of kindness you can perform during your day. It will really change your life.

Much Love!


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