I Have Decided

Today, I’ve decided to dance

I will dance to the music inside me

I hear your music, and I love it

It sounds fantastic and intoxicating at times

But it belongs to you already

Mine is particular, unique

And today I will listen to it.

Today, I’ve decided to be open to everything

But without attachments

My mind is open and ready to receive

My heart is open and willing to let go

Let go of attachment

Let go of fulfilling other people’s expectations

Let go of anything that doesn’t support my dreams

Anything that doesn’t elevate me.

Today, I’ve decided to act big

Acting small hasn’t taken me anywhere

Acting small to let others shine out of fear

Acting small to not get too much attention

Acting small to stay safe

Don’t belittle your capabilities

What you seek is already within you

And the world is ready to witness it.

Today, I’ve decided to hold grief as unexpressed love

To let it consume me and not push it down

I want it

I want the love to stay with me

I want the memories to remain

Just like fear, grief is also a messenger

And I am here to listen

And learn to live with the pain

That reminds me how much I’ve loved and

How much I can love YOU!

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