Dare to Take Up Space!

When you are told you are too loud

When you are pleasing the crowd

Stand tall and project

Girl, take up some space

When you get interrupted

When leadership is corrupted

Advocate for yourself

Woman, take up some space

When you are feeling uncomfortable

And your fear to speak up makes you feel culpable

It is time to call out the injustice

We got a lot left to accomplish

When you are forced to wear makeup

Get them ready for the breakup

Your greatness is not up for debate

Learn to take up some space

Some people never want us to change

That is not part of the exchange

Be loud, be proud, and be angry  

Displaying confidence doesn’t make you manly

Stop waiting for permission

Give yourself the recognition

Our thoughts are pre-conditioned

But our strength

Is as tough as our mission

Use your voice for self-promotion

And vulnerability to show your emotions

There is way too much at stake

To help the next generation be brave

We must all today

Take up some damn space!

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